FROM SATURDAY 2nd to sunday 17th

Dior Seongsu - 7 Yeonmujang 5-gil,
seongdong-gu, seoul


Lady Dior Celebration, in the name of the legend…

An eternal icon, the Lady Dior concentrates the essence of Dior style in a perfect balance of modernity and timeless elegance. An object of desire, it is transformed into an object of art through singular projects, such as Lady Dior As Seen By and Dior Lady Art, which invite artists from around the world to reinvent and transform it into a work that fuses heritage and multiple imaginations.


A bag that has become a legend, an emblem with instantly recognizable architectural lines, the history of which the House is now celebrating, along with its most audacious appropriations, with the Lady Dior Celebration exhibition orchestrated at the heart of the Seongsu-dong concept store in Seoul.


Transposed into a new gallery of dreams, the space unveils an original scenographic narrative, featuring the work Cella by Lee Bul, around which the Lady Dior and its multiple reinventions appear to gravitate, from the Lady D-Lite to the Lady D-Joy, including creations signed by figures from the Korean and international contemporary art scene.
An odyssey punctuated by projections showcasing the virtuoso skills summoned by these exceptional models. A tribute to the powerful friendship between Dior and Korea.

Lady Dior

A symbol and a legend, the Lady Dior first appeared on the arm of Lady Diana, and ever since has enjoyed an extraordinary destiny. With its architectural lines exalting the graphic pattern of the emblematic cannage, it encapsulates the excellence of the House. With each new collection and reinterpretation by the Artistic Directors, a multitude of exceptional colors and materials further sublimate this timeless icon.


Celebrating the virtuoso artisanship of the Dior Ateliers, this essential bag is brought to life in Italy, where it is crafted thanks to the meticulous gestures of the petites mains. Its constantly renewed savoir-faire stretches the limits, while every detail, thought out with infinite meticulousness, shapes its singularity. As a final touch, it is adorned with delicate “Dior” charms, reminiscent of the talismans that Monsieur Dior, with his passion for superstition, always kept on his person.